Reach people where they are - in front of the TV
We have all seen the impact television has had on our past and present generations. Today more than ever, violence, immorality and perversion are unbearable, especially if you have not looked at secular television for a few months. Friends, many families are subject to that day in and day out.

Our mission with Satellite Evangelism is to help others reach their friends and family with the love of Christ right where they are, in front of the TV. 

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Posted January 1, 2014
A Rainy Day Miracle from the Lord
An answer to prayer
A little about myself and our family before the story.  I live with my sister and her husband in Texas. My sister's husband is a lifetime Seventh-day Adventist.  I have been one for almost 32 years, and my sister for 29 years. My Brother-in-law and I started our satellite ministry way back when Three Angels Broadcasting Network was working with Sky Angel so that homes across this nation could receive their satellite programming. In
all of those years we have installed some 80 + satellite systems and have never failed to find the satellite signal. My brother-in-law is no longer able to do the physical labor that is needed so one of my nephew's is doing that part of it. A few years ago my brother-in-law and I installed a system for a member of our church. Eventually his receiver went out, so I told him that you could no longer get receivers from 3ABN and that he would have to get a whole new system. He said he could not afford to do that at the time. I talked to him in May of 2013 and told him that if he wanted to get one I would purchase it and he could pay it out and he agreed. So when I received it I set a Sunday for the install. I forgot that particular Sunday was Mother's day. So the Sabbath before, I told my friend that due to a family gathering on that Sunday I would not be able to come. Sunday I got up and got ready to leave for the gathering and about ten minutes before we were to leave I began to feel bad so I told my sister that I wasn't going to go with them. And as it turned out that was all in God's plan. About ten minutes after my family left I began to feel better, so I called my nephew and asked if he was going to the gathering and he said no so I said, do you want to go try to get that dish installed.  He said yes. So I called my friend to tell him that we were coming to set it up. In the time that it took my nephew to pick me up I heard some rain falling so I called my friend and asked if it was raining where he was and he no, so we left to put up the dish. When we got to the exit off the freeway where we needed to turn the clouds were black and it was raining, and I said we've come too far to go back so we continued on. When we got to the road to turn to go where the man lives my cell phone rang and it was my friend saying that it was raining hard at his house/  I said, I know we are in it but we will be there shortly. When I hung up the phone I said a silent prayer. I said, "Lord, we know that you want these satellite dishes up and we want to do it for you, but you know that we can't do it in the rain. Would you please stop the rain long enough for us to put the dish on the house and get the receiver in the house and working?" It rained on us all the way to the house where we stopped in the middle of the road and went to get out of the truck.  When I opened the door of the truck, I stuck my arm out and when I stuck my arm out the rain stopped at that house. The reason I say at that house, is because it was still raining hard enough that you could see it at every other house on the road at the same time. It did not rain where we were for as long as it took to get the dish on the house and aligned, and the receiver working in the house and me to show my friend how to get the programming on the television. When I took the first step out of the house into the garage to leave, it started raining again.
It is the miracles such as this that I have seen while doing these installs that helps me to know that the Lord really wants these satellite dishes put up. So that the world can learn the pure un-adulterated truth as it is in the Bible and the three angels messages of Revelation 14:6-14, and I include verses 13 and14 because they teach the state of the dead and the second coming of Christ.

Dear Max   Thu 10/25/2012 5:16 PM
Here is a testimony RE: satellite ministries
     In the spring of 2011 I was stabbed, evicted, finger partially bit of by a dog, I was arrested for DWI, and suffered from severe depression and anxiety disorder.
     As I was hitch-hiking home from jail (I got 24 hours for my DWI) I saw a big billboard for "Mark of the Beast Prophecy and I said to myself "I would love to go." I didn't pray at that time but God heard my heart and I was able to go to all the seminars without being able to drive and it was 15 miles away! I stood up to be counted as one of the faithful and soon I was attending Pastor Wayne K.s, SDA church.
     In Sept. 2011 my new satellite system was installed free of charge. My only other T.V. choices at that time were Pan-am, Desperate Housewives, Dancing with the Stars etc. That type of programming is only mildly entertaining and I hate commercials!!
     Soon I was watching the 24 hour news programs on my dish and found them to be much more informative and independent. About the time news and politics was over, I soon discovered Amazing Discoveries and learned many more things that were in line with the prophecy and church teachings. I rarely watched regular T.V. anymore, just the news and my Adventist programming!!
     I got in the habit of reading the bible and staying up all night on the Sabbath watching only Adventist channels, going to church on Sabbath. Then finishing my day with a high impact message from Pastor Dwight Nelson, Wow!! Now that's a Sabbath, Amen.
     I quit drinking last fall and smoking this summer and on Sept 22, 2012 I got baptized by pastor Wayne K..
     My living situation is still poor however and the people in darkness around me HATE my little 15" T.V. and Adventist channels because it is too much light for them to stand in. Sometimes I catch one of them watching Pastor Bachelor or even asking me about some part of scripture!
     I'm hoping to move soon, but the FIRST requirement of my new house is to have enough exposure for my satellite dish, it is truly a God Send!!

Thank you so much,
Love in Christ,
Mike P
Rockie the Raccoon Listens to God's Call
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Dear brother Max,
I am so blessed by your ministry and support that you have provided for us. The satellite system that you sponsored for us has been a great support for our family spiritually and financially. There is no way that we could purchase anything like this at this time, God bless you and your wife, I pray God will bless your ministry.


Thank you for installing our satellite, we love our 3ABN and Hope TV.
Reach people where they are - in front of the TV