Satellite Evangelism Training Seminar
First: A church must have the desire to go out and share the message of Christ to their community.

Second: The church board must be on board with the desire to implement satellite evangelism.

Third: Find a church member or members who are willing to install satellite systems in your community.

Forth: Invite us to hold a seminar and installation course in your church. To schedule a seminar call 559-908-9037
What does the training include?

The training helps members to implement simple outreach techniques using their satellite systems. This training will help members take advantage of evangelism seminars taking place on satellite and organize each group during such events. Your members will learn how to reach their communities who desire to watch Christian programming. Help shut-ins and sponsor newly baptized members. Help a new member become grounded and teach them to share their faith with others. Members from your church will learn the methods of becoming front-line missionaries in your communities. The installer will receive theory and hands-on training for aligning a satellite dish successfully and learn the art of friendship evangelism with their customer. From start to finish "Satellite Evangelism" will be a blessing to your congregation and inspire more activity in the community.

If you invite us to do a training in your church the training will consists of two parts. On Sabbath the evangelism training takes place in the afternoon and on Sunday the theory and installation class generally lasts 3 hours or so.

Become A Certified Installer - FREE
That means that Max Ocon will be your private instructor to teach you or your small group every part of the installation procedure. (A one day hands-on and theory class) Our ministry will provide an individual or couple with overnight accommodations in our home.  Those who schedule group training at our headquarters can make reservations at the EaglesNest Motel at their own expense. Talk to Daisy or Sean for reservations at (208) 448-2000. Mention that you will be attending the Satellite Evangelism training.

Shelbyville Satellite Ministry / Testimony July 2015

In early May, 2015 our Church Board approved our request to start a Adventist Satellite Ministry for the Shelbyville Kentucky SDA church.  Bill Beach and Don Wade had previously installed older  Glory Star systems (soon to be outdated) for many  of our members, but our installations were difficult because we relied on trial and error to install the systems with limited knowledge.  But with lots of prayers we were able to get these systems installed and working.   In some instances, we would encounter a problem we would call Max Ocon, who  had an on-line satellite ministry,  and he would help us solve the problem.  In May, 2015 we made an inquiry with Mr. Ocan that  we were starting a satellite SDA ministry , and wanted to start with the purchase  of ten systems through his on-line SDA business..   During our discussion, Brother Max invited us to come to his home/office for a free formal class to learn and be certified on the proper installations of the new HD systems.  We traveled from Kentucky to Priest River, Idaho in June, 2015 to participate in this training class.  It was well worth the trip.  We not only learned so much about the installations and satellite technology that we had not even thought about before.  For instance, knowledge of safety issues and how to avoid possible (electrical,and ladder) hazards;  how to search for the right type of location and considerations required  to install the Dish to ensure that you would have  an open signal not only for the present but the future as well.  We also informed on tools  and how to use them  to expedite the proper installation of the systems.  This class was invaluable,  and is highly recommended for anyone that may be considering undertaking the same type ministry for your church. In addition, we had a great weekend vacation.  This area was beautiful, and the Ocon's treated us like kings. Their hospitality RATES a 5 star,.  We were so richly blessed that we were able to go, and praise the Lord for that opportunity.  Upon our return to Kentucky, we have been busily installing six systems in July 2015 and have several other members on our waiting list. We enjoy how people rejoice to their new Adventist channels, and the blessings it is to bring this into their living room (for them and us too). We pray that these systems will increase their faith, and  prayerfully be used  by the power of the Holy Spirit to  bring   others family members and friends to except Christ in their lives.  God has been good to us and we are convinced of His soon return.    


One Student Wrote:
Appreciated Mr. Ocon: Thanks for the hospitality in your home. I am doing well along with my family. I would like to thank you for the time you took to help me get acquainted with the material of the class. My testimonial will be very positive because I was very impressed about your training. I appreciate the written materials that I have and also the actual hands on the job to see how the installation will work. I have received the meter and I am charging it to start an installation. I probably will have some questions regarding some things that I may have forgotten, but I feel very confident that the knowledge I received in the training will suffice to make complete and correct installations. Thanks again for your time and for sharing those essential tips to make a safe and professional installation.
May God continue blessing you and your family in this missionary endeavor, Sincerely,

C. Castillo

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